From Otoliths 47, print edition, p. 76

2nd Edition: Equations

The second, emended edition of Equations is now available on Lulu. Many thanks to Raymond Farr.

Party Time (fourWtwenty-eight)!

The new fourWtwenty-eight anthology was recently launched at Charles Sturt U., Booranga Writers Centre. Thanks to the editors. To purchase a copy:

Adam Fieled: Sidewalk Cafe: East Village NYC: 2007

Swiss Army Knife on X-Peri

This image, by Irene Koronas, accompanies my poem Swiss Army Knife in the web-journal X-Peri, which went up last night. The multi-media angle X-Peri are exploring is an interesting one, and I recommend those watching to explore the whole journal; the clash/clang of words and images is unique.

English 271: Loyola U: Summer 2008: Opera Bufa

Two Plugs

Mike Land & I dropped acid in Logan
Square, danced down to the Drop,
spaced out in the dank basement;
sashayed over to Jen Cho's first floor
apartment on Lombard Street, where
she held court, partying with her U of
Delaware "green" buddies; & huffed some
hash on top of the acid. Mike sat in an
armchair, rocking. Erin, Jen's chum,
sent me purple signals, but Mike had to be
wheeled out of there. Jen's was a floor to
crash on, for Erin & I later. I got my news.
Over at the Drop, Erin's geeks had our number-
I woke Mike up to hear the code: two plugs.