A Tale of Two Editions

Yesterday, the second edition of The White Album was released by Eratio Editions. I thought it would be reasonable to post here links to both editions, the Eratio and the Ungovernable Press (2009), so here they are: the au courant and the nine years ago. The discrepancies between the two editions are major, and you can see for yourself who in poetry might prefer which edition to the other, and why.

Otoliths 50

The new group of poems in Otoliths 50 make an effort to Hit or Miss

Gratis (for Mike Land)

I swung a drunken loop from the warehouse
space back into the Highwire itself-
throngs of hipsters milling around,
whiskey, wine disappearing from
the little island space situated near
windows picking up western sun-
light, as night descended on Cherry
Street, with an ambiance of anticipation.
When anything can happen in human
life, nothing usually does- what spectacles
coalesced here, were manna to us. Avalon established
eye-contact; off we pranced to the stairwell-
Mike Land grinned lasciviously, as usual,
& polished off a beer he'd received gratis.

From Otoliths 47, print edition, p. 76

2nd Edition: Equations

The second, emended edition of Equations is now available on Lulu. Many thanks to Raymond Farr.

Party Time (fourWtwenty-eight)!

The new fourWtwenty-eight anthology was recently launched at Charles Sturt U., Booranga Writers Centre. Thanks to the editors. To purchase a copy: booranga@csu.edu.au.

Adam Fieled: Sidewalk Cafe: East Village NYC: 2007