Otoliths 50

The new group of poems in Otoliths 50 make an effort to Hit or Miss

Gratis (for Mike Land)

I swung a drunken loop from the warehouse
space back into the Highwire itself-
throngs of hipsters milling around,
whiskey, wine disappearing from
the little island space situated near
windows picking up western sun-
light, as night descended on Cherry
Street, with an ambiance of anticipation.
When anything can happen in human
life, nothing usually does- what spectacles
coalesced here, were manna to us. Avalon established
eye-contact; off we pranced to the stairwell-
Mike Land grinned lasciviously, as usual,
& polished off a beer he'd received gratis.

From Otoliths 47, print edition, p. 76

2nd Edition: Equations

The second, emended edition of Equations is now available on Lulu. Many thanks to Raymond Farr.

Party Time (fourWtwenty-eight)!

The new fourWtwenty-eight anthology was recently launched at Charles Sturt U., Booranga Writers Centre. Thanks to the editors. To purchase a copy: booranga@csu.edu.au.

Adam Fieled: Sidewalk Cafe: East Village NYC: 2007

Swiss Army Knife on X-Peri

This image, by Irene Koronas, accompanies my poem Swiss Army Knife in the web-journal X-Peri, which went up last night. The multi-media angle X-Peri are exploring is an interesting one, and I recommend those watching to explore the whole journal; the clash/clang of words and images is unique.